Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Joan 2nd get up W.I.P

new threads on the way.


Red White said...

ooooh. I like this as an alt. Her first outfit was White with some red highlights, her second one can be red with some white highlights, I like. That glove is badass btw. The blades on it are immaculate. You need to update her right arm in hir first outfit though, me thinks. The hotpot mitten isn't really that great imho.

Digital Rum said...

Glad u like bro & for the colour scheme I don't know why but when I was doing the lines and then I just stoped to look at it I thought to myself hey why red and pow! and it worked,but when I finish it I'll let you and your colouring expertise take the lead.As for her right arm I totally agree about the last design was just lets face it....god awful! lol I just ran out of steam and said eh I'll ship it,but never again it will just as detailed as the left I guran-T!!!

Red White said...

Now that's a comforting guarantee! ;) I'm looking forward to getting my mitts on this.