Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Fun With markers

Like the title says.

Lead pose 2

4 this piece I used a Humberto Ramos pic 4 reference of this type of pose, next time I'll use a cosplay pic for infomation, but any way it came out ok

Lead pose 1

This pic is the new, more refined look of my new character Lead in her base casual clothes, she has now been shifted to my first project

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Colour practice

My first Photoshop colouerd piece that didn't turn out completely crap! ha apart for the tone on her right leg which is way to thick & clumpy.. anyway Live & Learn

Un finished piece

A line art that I completely 4 forgot about need to finish this one A.S.A.P.

More Skecthes

As the title says more randomness from my fingertips

Snip Head Shot

Head shot of my main Charcter from my first work in progress N.P.L.L, sporting a new hair style, this was done in Illustraor & Photoshop.

Un-Named Character

Another, more refined skecth of another charather from my new project, at first I was going to call her product 4 but I didnt really like it the more I used it so now Im looking 4 a new name for her

New characters

Just more sketches of new characters 4 my new project that Im working on.The girl with the out of control hair style is called Lead.T.Cord & the other lady is called M.U1.Fray (short for Master Unit 1)

First post

just quick a quick sketch I did with blue & red colour pencils 4 a warm excercise.