Sunday, 19 April 2009

More stuff


Sinistar1 said...

On Q-bee: I like this but the the eyes are really wonky or have really different sizes. If your not gonna mirror something you should really use some guide lines there. Alternatively you could put one eyebrow up and one down. Moving the brows so they are not level/even covers eye size mistakes.

On bottom sketches: I don't think the stick man lines help, I actually think they hurt your artwork. Try using cylinders or blocks instead. Form can be more important than proportion sometimes.

Great stuff btw, keep it coming!

Red White said...

hahaha, dude, Queen Bee looks great! But I can see what you were doing with the eye there dude. I somewhat agree with Sinistar but only with the eyebrow thing. A squinty eye needs a different brow.

I like how you're always practicing all your stuff. I love splash pages with just a whole mess of things to check out and you deliver. Try doing more finished sketches in them though. Don't fear playing around with stuff either dude.

Keep posting crap! I demand it dude! And get your arse back over on devart darnit. We've got things to do.